Wrongful Death Las Vegas

The penal code punishes those who cause to others a personal injury from which derives a "disease" in the body or in the mind. The injuries foreseen by the penal law can be malicious (caused with conscience and will) or negligent (caused by negligence or imprudence or inexperience or for non-observance of laws, regulations, orders or disciplines). A Las Vegas wrongful death attorney. Personal injuries in negligence are punished with imprisonment for up to three months or a fine of up to 309 dollars. The malicious personal injuries, on the other hand, are punished with imprisonment from three months to three years. Furthermore, the penalties increase in the case of serious or very serious injuries. I suffered injuries, what can I do in Las Vegas?


If you believe you have suffered personal injury as a result of the behavior of others, malicious or negligent, you can contact the Bertoldo, Baker, Carter & Smith a personal injury law firm in Las Vegas, to receive information and to assess with you the possibility of filing a complaint in order to institute criminal proceedings against the author of the offense. Also, during the process, through the establishment of a civil party, you can ask for compensation for damages incurred