What to look for in a divorce lawyer

A divorce is an emotional and difficult experience for the couple involved. When deciding to hire a divorce attorney to help you with a divorce process, it is important to carefully select one who has a good background in divorce matters, one whose ethical practices are beyond reproach. A good divorce attorney will advise you on divorce laws in your country and the requirements of divorce proceedings.

The divorce process is complicated and has an emotional and financial burden on those involved and it must be handled with care especially where children are involved. If you want to file a divorce or your spouse has initiated one, a good and experienced divorce lawyer will assist you evaluate your case at every stage of the process with an aim of making sure that the final outcome of the divorce is favorable to all parties involved.

The divorce attorney must be objective and experienced in family law and divorce matters. A background check on the lawyer you intend to hire is important, check with local lawyer accreditation bureaus and lawyer organizations to see who is well suited to help you with divorce proceedings.

The attorney should be able to address all your questions and concerns regarding divorce fees or costs, implications of the divorce on parties involved, child support and custody and issues to do with splitting of property which complicates most divorce processes.

A good divorce lawyer must demonstrate expertise and commitment to the whole process by regularly updating parties involved about every step of the divorce. The role of the lawyer is is to help settle a divorce not to make it more complicated.

Mark C. Cogan, P.C is a law firm in Portland handling divorce settlements, child custody and child support claims. Our experienced divorce attorneys are specialists in family law and are ready to assist you solve your divorce within reasonable time.

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