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Operating a real estate business has become sensitive attracting the need for lawyers for landowners, homebuyers, home sellers, landlords, and tenants. Real estate in law means the land and the property on it. The law details out who might own and use a land for the residential or commercial purpose.

It is important to note that you need an attorney as there are many legal issues that arise in real estate transactions. For instance, a land can belong to someone yet be legally used by another, owned by various individuals, it can be sold, or passed between family members through estate planning. These issues in case of disputes are usually determined in courts.

Moreover, you need a lawyer to advise you on how to adhere to state and local government zoning laws. And if you are looking for one, look no further, Steven J Horn Law Offices in Encino got your back.

Why do you need to hire Steven J Horn Law Offices in Encino?

• They help you understand various important terms that are important in real estate transaction such as title, mortgage, foreclosure, closing, and escrow among others, and explain to you their legal implication.

• Despite not needing an attorney at every real estate transaction, you might need to hire us to review the transactions and ensure that the house does not belong to another individual who might come to claim it.

• They make sure that the sale contract is fair to all parties.

• They advise on mortgage and help you avoid paying more tax as stipulated for families with mortgages

• They also help in landlord-tenant law, which covers rent, leases, and eviction for both commercial and residential tenants and landlords.

• They also help you in cases involving accidents and injuries sustained in real estate.

• They help you to keep your property within your family by transferring it through estate planning.

• They also guide you on how to insure your property from damage.


If you need to be represented in court Steven J Horn Law Offices in Encino real estate litigation lawer is there for you.

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