Sex Crime Lawyer Based Out of Washington D.C.

Knowing what type of sex crime, you have been charged with is important in knowing which lawyers can defend you. Some Washington D.C. sex crimes lawyers only defend those who were charged with statutory rape, prostitution, indecent exposure, pornography, and pandering. You need to be sure you are hiring a lawyer who will defend you based on your sex crime. Most sex crimes will get you at least six months behind bars. Having a lawyer can help lessen that sentence or help you get a better chance at parole.


Lotze Mosley LLP are a criminal law firm based out of Washington D.C. dedicated to helping those who are convicted of crimes. Being convicted of a crime in Washington D.C. can really hurt your personal and professional life, even if you are not found guilty of the conviction. That is why hiring a lawyer from Lotze Mosley LLP can be amazing for you and your life. They can help lessen the sentence, they can help find you innocent, and they can help you get your life back on track. They are a highly reputable criminal defense law firm who will do anything in their power to help your case get the best possible outcome.