Pedestrian Accident Lawyer from Las Vegas

It is pretty much common knowledge that pedestrians have the right of way in any situation. If they are on the sidewalk, on the trails, in a cross walk, and even if they are not abiding by proper traffic laws and are j-walking, they still have the right of way. If you were to be hit by a bicycle, truck, or car while you were a pedestrian, you could be seeking legal help. A Las Vegas pedestrian accident lawyer would gladly help you in any situation you find yourself in. Just tell them all the facts from your injury and the accident so they can turn that into a valid case for you.


If you have suffered from any injuries because of a pedestrian accident, you might want to consider seeking out legal help to pay for those medical bills. You can count on Bertoldo, Baker, Carter & Smith, a personal injury law firm in Las Vegas to take great care of your pedestrian accident case. You want a law firm you can trust. A law firm with a great track record and amazing reviews. This is that law firm. They only practice personal injury law and they stick to the Las Vegas area. They are the perfect, best fit of a law firm for any pedestrian accident case.