Operating while impaired (OWI) in Washington DC or the District of Columbia is an offense that can eventually lead to a jail sentence and even payment of fines. In Washington DC, a driver is liable for OWI charge and sentencing if their ability is impaired by alcohol consumption or drug or both. A first time offender for an OWI charge may be jailed for 90 days and/or get a fine of $500. Finding a qualified and experienced OWI attorney Washington DC is a difficult task and can result in an unfortunate representation.

Lotze Mosley LLP is the ideal OWI attorney in Washington DC with the reputation of excellent legal representation on the clients’ behalf. The firm does not only challenge the breathalyzer controversy; the attorney will do everything necessary to achieve the dismissal or the reduction of the sentencing. The firm is always ready to legally represent their clients and even proceed to trial when necessary.

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