Although it is sad but true, many couples who have been married for many years, just simply grow away from each other, and can no longer get along and live together. In cases like this, you may want to consider discussing your options with an Whitmarsh Family Law firm in Los Angeles that understands the new changes to the divorce laws in Los angeles. Also, if you opt for a Whitmarsh Family Law firm lawyer in Los Angelesto assist you, you may be able to protect not only your rights but your personal and some marital property as well. The most experienced attorneys understand the ins and outs of divorce and everything under Los angeles’s collaborative law legislation.

Many couples face the issue of child support, child custody as well as spousal support when they make the decision to separate or divorce. Although some couples can reach an agreement together, to ensure that neither spouse is left in a financially burdening situation, others simply cannot reach an agreement. This makes it that much more important for you to consider contacting a Spousal Support Lawyer that will help you in finding the fairest and equitable solution to get you the spousal support that you need and deserve. Often, these fair solutions do not come easily, because unlike child support, there is no specific mathematical formula to implement a certain amount of spousal support. In Los angeles, the courts award spousal support based on previous case laws as well as the facts of your specific case as it comes before the court.

When it comes to spousal support, an experienced Whitmarsh Family Law firm in Los Angeles might be able to help you in understanding the different factors that the courts use to determine the amount of spousal support that you may have to pay, or, conversely, receive. These include the age and health of both you and your spouse, the duration of your marriage, tax consequences, contributions, the reduction or loss of lifetime earning capacity, ability for the receiving spouse to be financially stable as well as the present and future earning capacity of both. If for any reason you are unable to receive the spousal support that you need and deserve, an experienced spousal support lawyer may be able to get you the spousal support that you rightly deserve.

Even if you have an existing spousal support order, and it has created an extreme hardship on you because you have experienced a change in your circumstances, whether to your lifestyle or your income, a spousal support attorney may be able to help you modify your spousal support arrangements through the court. Also, if your spouse has violated an existing spousal support order, you can also find experienced Albany attorneys that can help you to file for an enforcement of the action. In this manner, the court may be able to force your spouse to adhere to the decree via wage garnishment, undertakings or even jail time. Although every individual and every situation are unique, if you are considering a divorce and feel you may be obliged to spousal support, it may be in your best interest to contact a Whitmarsh Family Law firm in Los Angeles that can help you understand your rights and privileges under Los Angeles divorce laws.

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