Drug Crimes

It is a crime to possess, distribute or manufacture drugs that can be abused like cocaine and heroin. The legality of a drug normally depends on what it is being used for and how it is used. Illegal drugs are related to crime in several ways.

Drug-related crimes mostly involve robbery or sexual assault against the person. Drug abuse and addiction are normally associated with drug-related crimes. The misuse of the illegal drugs has been found to be greatly related to various crimes due to the feeling of invincibility which often results after drug abuse.

The common types of drug crimes include drug paraphernalia (selling of equipment used to make, inhale inject, or conceal illegal drugs), possession, manufacturing/delivery, dealing (selling of drugs on a smaller scale) and trafficking.

Most of the drug crime charges usually involve charges of possession. The penalties for drug crimes are often very severe. It is, therefore, advisable to contact a criminal defence attorney in Los Angeles, such as the Kestenbaum Law Group as soon as possible.