Drug Crimes Attorney Los Angeles

A drug crime can be just a marijuana related crime, but it can also be more severe by the kind of drug. In Los Angeles County you can’t have these drugs in your possession without a valid prescription: Vicodin, heroin, cocaine, nicododeine, morphine, methadone, oxycodone, cocaine, marijuana, fenethylline, and ecstasy to just name a few. Each of these would be considered a drug crime. Each case is handled a little bit differently and is why you would need a skilled Los Angeles drug crimes attorney to take on your case. If you have been charged or convicted of a drug crime you should be calling Kosnett Law Firm a criminal law firm in Los Angeles.

You want to give your case the best fighting chance. Having the legal help from a criminal law frim in Los Angeles such as Kosnett Law Firm is your best chance at getting results you want from a drug crime case. You can be charged because you were driving while on drugs, you were in possession of the illegal drug, you had it in your possession with the intent to sell, or because you were trafficking and manufacturing it. You need to be sure you have a lawyer who can handle this case.

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