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The divorce ensures s the end of the marriage. A divorce request can be filed by both spouses together or by one of them alone. When the divorce is pronounced at the request of both spouses, the marriage must be permanently disrupted. This is also a condition for the unilateral application of the divorce. In practice, there will almost always be a permanently disrupted marriage when a request is made, even if the divorce is requested unilaterally. When the divorce is requested, the request can still be withdrawn until the moment of the divorce. Find a great Los Angeles divorce attorney.

When a divorce takes place, the property will also be divided into marriage. How exactly this works is due to a choice made when entering into marriage (and sometimes afterward): is there a question of a community of goods or of marital conditions? When there is a question of a community of goods, the capital is in principle ‘fairly’ divided by a divorce: each of the spouses receives half.  Land Legal Group, APC is a Los Angeles based family law firm.

They may include their clothing, jewelry, and equipment (if there is a company), but the other partner must be compensated for this. Most of the debts are also simply distributed. However, there are also certain things that do not fall within the community of goods (some pension entitlements and inheritances, for example). More about this can be found in Land Legal Group, APC a family law firm in Los Angeles, California.

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