Criminal Defense in Stuart

With a young assessor who did not know me and who – as I knew – was an adjunct at the jury court, I talked for a while and – amazingly – she suddenly asked me how I could defend someone of whom I was would know that he was. If you need a criminal defense lawyer in Stuart contacts The Law Office of Denise Miller, PA. It is true that a short time after being "outed" to a circle of friends and acquaintances as a defense attorney, one becomes accustomed to the fact that people who are not closer to the judiciary ask these and similar questions. Friends and acquaintances who work as engineers, waiters, doctors or roofers may also face such questions when confronted with the profession of a Stuart criminal defense lawyer.


But that a judge , so a lawyer, who has probably graduated two above-average state examinations, and whose duties include deciding as an independent member of a collegial court on the admissibility of bringing a public lawsuit before a large criminal court – as a jury – and later To convict a defendant or to absolve him of the allegations of the prosecution, ask a Stuart criminal defense lawyer such a question, I was astonished at that time and astonished me to this day. The Law Office of Denise Miller, PA is a Stuart based criminal law firm.