Class Action Lawsuits

Corporations such as insurance companies, banks and other utility and service providers exist to make profit. Often times the profit they make is at the expense of their customers. To maximize their returns, many are involved in malpractices.

California law protects consumers from illegal practices by businesses such as false advertising, denying insurance claims, selling defective products and hiding charges or overcharging the consumers. Because of the power that these corporations hold, it is difficult to pursue legal action against them.

A product is only suitable for sale after it has been adequately tested and proven to be safe and useful to its users. However, manufacturers resort to take the easy way to make profit by using substandard raw materials to reduce the cost of production. This results in defective products.

Eppsteiner & Fiorica Attorneys, LLP in San Diego California are skilled advocates with a high success rate in representing consumers in class action, defective products lawsuits that provide protection to consumers who fall prey to these malpractices.