Business Disputes

All enterprises require legal support to deal with the disputes that arise in the normal course of business. These disputes may involve contracts with customers or suppliers who are contesting the terms of an agreement or alleging a breach of the contract.

There may also be disputes with employees about their contracts of employment or the circumstances in which an employment was terminated. The enterprise may have difficulty with legal aspects of acquiring property or disputes about the rights to the property it owns. Professional advice from Van Etten Sipprelle LLP business lawyer in Westlake Village is needed to navigate the complexities of the law in all these areas. These situations are all potential legal minefields where a business litigation attorney needs to be consulted.

Where business litigation is necessary the services Van Etten Sipprelle LLP can help to find a way through the legal complexity and reach a satisfactory conclusion to the legal action. The business litigation attorney understands the details of business law and can give advice on drafting business contracts that will help to defend the rights of the corporation in any legal dispute. If litigation becomes necessary the business litigation attorney can ensure that the business can claim its rights under the contract and defend its name and reputation.