Alimony in Clearwater

Alimony for a spouse Although the most common alimony is intended for the maintenance and upbringing of children, there are also situations when the maintenance obligation is awarded between divorced spouses. Alimony for a spouse is a complex legal issue in Clearwater. This obligation can not always be adjudged. To a large extent, it depends on the verdict of guilt issued during the divorce, and also on whether the person entitled and obliged have new marriages. In addition, spousal support is limited in time from the validity of the divorce judgment. And only in extremely difficult life situations (eg disability) can be extended. The Law Firm for Family Law a Clearwater family law firm that can help in your alimony case.



An obligated person The maintenance obligation applies to relatives in a straight line (ie children, parents, grandchildren or grandparents) and siblings (including half-children). But each of the family members is burdened in a different degree and in different order. According to Polish regulations, alimony may sometimes also have to be paid by non-family members, including: former spouse (after the dissolution of the marriage), stepfather or stepmother, a father who is not the mother's husband. When deciding on the proceedings related to alimony, it is worth talking with a lawyer. This will help to determine from whom it is best to request benefits to provide the child (or in some cases themselves) with the means necessary for living and / or learning. Hire a Clearwater alimony attorney.