A Truck Accident Lawyer in Houston

After a truck accident you do not have to be going through the legal process alone, you can hire Charles J. Argento & Associates a Houston personal injury law firm to help you. They know how difficult it can be to build a truck accident case and know who to go after and that is why they are there to help. Truck accidents can be very dangerous even if the truck does not have any cargo in it. Those trucks are very heavy and cause some serious damage. You need to be sure that if you were in a truck accident that you get any injuries taken care of by a medical professional. After that you will want to call upon a Houston truck accident lawyer. They are going to help you determine who exactly was a fault for this accident.


With how many trucks need to pass through Houston it is no surprise that truck accidents happen. When a truck accident happens there are three different angles that an attorney needs to take to figure out who was at fault for this accident. One of them is the driver of the truck, if they were driving recklessly, on their phone, under the influence and things of that nature and caused this accident. The second option is the manufacturer of the truck that was involved in the accident, if they did not make the truck properly or knew of something wrong with it and still sent it out. They can also be held liable if the truck accident was caused completely by a truck malfunction. The third option is the company employing the truck driver, if the company did not complete a good enough back ground check, or give the driver proper training.